Thursday, September 3, 2009


To all of you amazing women I met at the Sisterhood, we've never met each other, (some of you have and I hope to meet all of you one day), but for a few months now it has been my privilege to get acquainted with some of you. I want to share the story of the Goose. Why?? Because geese all travel the same distance, make the same journey, go the same direction to achieve the same goal, but sometimes one falls out of formation because she is just 'too tired to fly any longer'. She knows where she is supposed to go, the rest of the flock are well on their way, but she just can't keep up. The joy of being in such a strong formation though is that when all seems hopeless she is carried forward by the strength of those flying around her, she is lifted and kept in the air by the sheer wind of wings flying beside her. When she regains her strength, she is still in formation, and on her way again, with the never-ending support of her flock. And when it is her turn to keep another in the air, she will remember.

I am determined to lose this weight and when I fall off to the wayside of my journey you have given me such inspiration and support that I wanted to share this story with you to say "Thank You" for being there for me when I needed you and I hope to be there for someone else who needs a little (or a big) push to stay on track.

So this week, I started over.....again. And may this be the last time I start over. But if it not, I know that I will have you all to keep me looking toward my goal.

So a very BIG HONK HONK to all the sisters.



  1. HONK, HONK!!

    Lovely story, Margie!

  2. HONK, HONK! HONK, HONK!!!!!

    You are so awesome. I LOVE your analogy!!!

  3. HONK HONK! I love the comparison between us Sisters and a flock of geese. How appropriate, at least according to your description. Thanks for the shout-out and yes, we will be there to pick you up if necessary.

  4. I absolutely love love LOVE that analogy! That is so fitting for all of us! That is exactly how I feel, whenever I have given up or become complacent or wanted to stop working, I was carried until I could fly on my own. How wonderful! I hope we can continue to carry each other through this journey! There is strength in numbers! Hugs to you!!!

  5. A big honk to you, too!
    I'm so glad we can all support other as we strive to be fit and healthy!