Saturday, November 20, 2010

New Blog Name

I have changed my blog name. I wanted something different and after going to see Gabriel Iglesias perform at the casino next door, I thought of this new one. He says he is not fat - he is 'fluffy', since I have gotten to hate the word 'diet' - I am not dieting anymore - I am 'de-fluffing' myself.

By the way, if you get a chance to go see Gabriel - he is sooo funny!!! What a great way to spend an evening - just laughing for two or three feels great!
Wednesday was weigh in day for the Holiday Hoedown Challenge at the Sisterhood so we are officially off and running - or walking for me.

Went to the new Harry Potter movie - it was good,,,dark, but good. I almost gave in to Taco Bell because I stopped and got it for dinner for everyone else. The smell was driving me nuts, but I was good. I just thought about my team - Go Team Mamajama - and decided to stay on track. I need to do this this time so no backsliding for me.

I am now stating that I officially love Nutrisystem. The food is better than I thought it would be and I am sooo happy. Some of it is not so good, but I sent back what I didn't want and they sent me replacements of what I thought I would like. Well, let me just say that meatloaf and mashed potatoes and gravy, beef teriyaki and noodles, spinach ravioli, and burgers are just fine with me. Any diet where I can eat this much food, plus candy bars like chocolate caramel or even chocolate cake is amazing. Now, all I need to do is get of the proverbial butt and start moving.

Go Team Mamajama!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

I started Nutrisystem just in time for a new challenge at the Sisterhood. We are starting a new challenge on the 17th and that is my weigh-in day so it fits right in on my schedule. I am starting the challenge at 166 and counting down. This time we get to be on teams and that is what I like best so I have someone depending on me to stay on track and do good. When I am on my own, it is easy to just say "oh well, I will just re-start tomorrow", on a team I have more motivation not to let them down. I am on Team Mamajama!! I love that name.

So get ready Sisters because Team Mamajama is going to kick some serious booty!!
After a summer of therapy and some powerful wishful thinking, praying, and all of the above, I am better. I am now ready to get back to this quest to get healthy.

I have started Nutrisystem. It was recommended by my therapist and he said that when he and his wife tried it, the weight just fell off , I started on November 3rd. I lost four pounds the first week and I only weigh in once a week so we shall see what Wednesday brings.

Most of the food is really good. Their marinara sauce is awesome and their white sauce )for alfredo and stuff like that) is NOT awesome, so I am replacing all of the white sauce things with the marinara sauce entrees for next month. Some of the entrees I have to tweek a little to make them better, but over-all it is really good.

The best thing about Nutrisystem is that you don't get hungry. There is so much food and since it is high in fiber, you stay full. Some days I have a hard time getting all the food in. I called to see if I had to eat it all and they said yes, so I get it in - barely.

Now I just have to start walking again and that should make it even better.