Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wednesday was weigh in day for the Holiday Hoedown Challenge at the Sisterhood so we are officially off and running - or walking for me.

Went to the new Harry Potter movie - it was good,,,dark, but good. I almost gave in to Taco Bell because I stopped and got it for dinner for everyone else. The smell was driving me nuts, but I was good. I just thought about my team - Go Team Mamajama - and decided to stay on track. I need to do this this time so no backsliding for me.

I am now stating that I officially love Nutrisystem. The food is better than I thought it would be and I am sooo happy. Some of it is not so good, but I sent back what I didn't want and they sent me replacements of what I thought I would like. Well, let me just say that meatloaf and mashed potatoes and gravy, beef teriyaki and noodles, spinach ravioli, and burgers are just fine with me. Any diet where I can eat this much food, plus candy bars like chocolate caramel or even chocolate cake is amazing. Now, all I need to do is get of the proverbial butt and start moving.

Go Team Mamajama!!

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