Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I am officially off the bench!! At least by the cardiologist. I did the stress test and he said that I did very well. Blood pressure and everything else is fine. He said that I just need to take it a little slower and that made me laugh because I run at a snails pace now so slower would be walking.

Haven't heard from my regular doctor to see if there are any other tests but since the cardiologist said 'go for it' I am going for it. I didn't get the headaches until week 3 of my running program so I am going back to week 2 and see how it goes.

I did the first day of week 2 and it went fine. No headaches - just alot of sweating.

This is funny - the cardiologist asked me if I was short of breath and I had to laugh because I huff and puff all through the run. I know that isn't what he meant, but it struck me as funny. He didn't laugh...oh well.

So, I am back on track and I would never have thought that I would be happy to be running. Me, of all people, unbelievable!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Well, I have been benched until further notice from running. Boohoo. I was getting headaches when I run for longer than two minutes and they just got worse so I finally went to the doctor and she is ordering tests. I do the tests on Monday so I will post what the results are and hopefully I will be cleared to continue running.

Trouble with the scale this week. I had to reset it and now it tells me that I have gained 5 pounds so I am back up to 169.5. Another Boohoo. I am also weighing with my clothes on now instead of in my birthday suit so it will be the same when I weigh at other places - like the gym - which I haven't been to in ages. I knew I shouldn't have signed that contract. I thought it would make me go more often if I was paying for it....NOT!! Oh yeah, and the doctors scale says more too so I can't get mad at them anymore either. This means that it weighs me in at 173 with my clothes on - triple Boohoo.

I am exercising though, even if its not at the gym. That is a good thing. Now I am back to walking since I can't run. And - get this - I miss running. Never in my life would I have ever imagined that I would like running, much less miss it when I can't do it. Just goes to show that miracles do happen.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Today is weigh in day at the Sisterhood and I am down one pound for a total of only three pounds since we started but I am doing better on the running.

I am now on week 3 and finished day 1 of the c25k. I was almost ready to repeat week 2 since I missed a couple of runs but someone at talked about not letting fear stop you from going forward. So, I decided to give it a try and I am totally amazed that I did it. Three whole minutes - twice, no less. I almost passed out and I was cursing at Matt (the guy from coolrunning) - mostly in my head because I couldn't talk!!.....but I got it done.

I never, even in my dreams, thought I would be running - actually its a very slow jog, but hey, its faster than walking. In my dreams I can fly (I love those flying dreams) but never ever do I run - unless something is chasing me and then it is in slow motion because my legs feel like lead weights. Dreams are weird. Anyway, I am amazed.

I was so pumped that I actually ran for three minutes I was bragging (we are allowed to do that) when my son started laughing and said, "three minutes? - anyone can run three minutes" So I told him to go get on the treadmill and see if he could do it and he ran and hid in his room - Hah - scaredy cat.

I am back to eating right again too so along with the running, I should lose more every week.

I also found this new exercise contraption - I know, I know, here I go again. Last week I almost bought the Ab Rocker, but I read alot of reviews and decided against it. The one I ordered is called the AeroPilates Spacemate Total Body Exerciser w/ DVD, Mat & Bag. It is with Margelin (I think that is how you spell her name). Anyway, I liked it because: 1) it is cheaper than most machines and 2) it isn't really a machine - more like resistance cords that you can hook up to your door. I am hoping to do this workout on the days I don't run.

I know I am asking alot of myself right now, but baby steps have never worked for me so I need to get serious about my health. I keep saying that and I know what I need to do so as Nike says - "Just Do It".

Speaking of Nike - I got me some new running shoes. I was using my old reeboks and while they are really comfortable they are really old. I love them, but there is not alot of support there for running so I got me some new ones. Wow, excuse me while I am impressed with myself for doing all of this. Now I just need to keep it up. And there's the rub.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I have finished week one of the c25k and am so pumped about it. I had to miss the last day because I got a hair stuck in my foot and it took alot of digging to get it out amd it left a big hole. But thats okay - I am now on week two and today I do Week 2 Day 2. It is going better than I expected and that is a good thing and I lost 2 pounds on top of that so yipeee!!!

Love to all at the Sisterhood for keeping me on track and excited about getting the weight off and hope everyone keeps pushing for better health.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


To all of you amazing women I met at the Sisterhood, we've never met each other, (some of you have and I hope to meet all of you one day), but for a few months now it has been my privilege to get acquainted with some of you. I want to share the story of the Goose. Why?? Because geese all travel the same distance, make the same journey, go the same direction to achieve the same goal, but sometimes one falls out of formation because she is just 'too tired to fly any longer'. She knows where she is supposed to go, the rest of the flock are well on their way, but she just can't keep up. The joy of being in such a strong formation though is that when all seems hopeless she is carried forward by the strength of those flying around her, she is lifted and kept in the air by the sheer wind of wings flying beside her. When she regains her strength, she is still in formation, and on her way again, with the never-ending support of her flock. And when it is her turn to keep another in the air, she will remember.

I am determined to lose this weight and when I fall off to the wayside of my journey you have given me such inspiration and support that I wanted to share this story with you to say "Thank You" for being there for me when I needed you and I hope to be there for someone else who needs a little (or a big) push to stay on track.

So this week, I started over.....again. And may this be the last time I start over. But if it not, I know that I will have you all to keep me looking toward my goal.

So a very BIG HONK HONK to all the sisters.

Last time I posted I was giving up on exercise and so this is good news today. My back is all better and I started c25k on Monday, August 31st. At the Sisterhood they are doing a new challenge with the Wii and since I don't have one, I chose to train for a 5k. Its 9 weeks of training so I have found a 5k in November that I am using as my goal. Yikes - it sounds daunting, but I know I can do it and with my son telling me that I can - unless I get into my 'stupid attitude' - I will cross that finish line. So to speak.

So I am doing the c25k and the Shrink For Good challenge - see the button??

Aaaaagh...this HUGE spider just crawled across the wall next to me - scared the #$%@ out of me. I think I got it, but now my feet are up on the chair until I can finish this. Isn't it weird how something that small can scare us like that. Well, it wasn't THAT small. Just alot smaller than me.

Whew - Anyway, I have done two sessions of the c25k and will do day three tomorrow. I want to find something that I can do on the other days of the week - at least two of them and I am thinking yoga. We shall see.