Sunday, January 1, 2012


Wow, look at the date of that last post! Almost exactly one year ago. I guess its really time to get myself under control. I am doing another challenge at the Sisterhood. Its funny how I keep going back to them. They are truly inspiring so I guess that is why. I am on my own this teams, so, we will see what happens. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. I have probably said that before, but somehow, this time I really feel like I have to do this or I will end up like most of my family with all the diseases that they have. Diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and even some others that are worse. I am really scared of the diabetes and I know I am headed that way. So far, I have dodged those bullets, but my physical problems are getting to be a real pain. Literally, they are getting very painful and I know that I can feel better if I get the weight off and get healthy. Arthritis, ruptured discs, vertigo, and pinched nerves in my hip and back - all of those can improve with weight loss. Except for the vertigo, but I am going to PT for that and who knows...maybe my brain is getting fat too and that is causing the vertigo. I am going to the doctor this month for my annual and get all the blood work and hope and pray that it still is good. I promise to get that colonoscopy this year. I have put it off long enough.
So, this is the year for improvements, and here is to actually doing what I am setting out to do this time.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Today is weigh in day a the Sisterhood. I am still losing about 2 pounds a week and am still amazed. So I am at 158. This is the first time in quite a while that I have been under 160 so I am quite happy.
This Saturday I am going to a WW meeting. They say that they have revamped the entire plan so it should be interesting to see what they have done. From what I hear, they are doing the low glycemic thing too so I will go check it out. Just curious.
I am more or less doing my own thing right now and using what I have learned from Nutrisystem and South Beach. No white stuff, lots of veggies, fiber and low fat. That should be the thing for the rest of my life and since I plan to live to be over 100 (and healthy), so I think its time I started eating right.
I want to give all the girls at the Sisterhood "hugs and honks". It is alot easier to stay on track when you have sisters 'holding' you up. The 'honks' is from a story about geese that help each other when one is in need and I tried to copy and past it here and that didn't work so here is a link:


I also want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM!! She is 84 today and my inspiration. I can only strive to spread as much love in this world as she has. I am so blessed that I was chosen to be her daughter.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Here we go with another challenge at the Sisterhood. I am still on Nutrisystem and as much as I love it - 14 pounds gone so far - I am getting tired of just having Nutrisystem food. So I looked around and found that the South Beach diet is based on the Low Glycemic thing too so I will be switching to that after I finish off the NS food. (I have a couple of weeks worth left)

The South Beach is another low carb thing, but they do mostly good versus bad carbs so I hope I do okay with it. The first two weeks is almost no carbs at all so we shall see how my energy level handles that. I tried Atkins a while back and I was so tired all the time and I found out that it was because I wasn't getting any carbs. After the first two weeks, you can eat good carbs and that is what I am doing now with NS.

I did really well on the last challenge and although I gained 2 pounds at Christmas, I am back on track and going strong.

I am determined not to get Diabetes. It is such a horrible disease and has run wild throughout most of my family that I know I have to be careful in how I eat. I was glad that it looked like I was taking after Mom, but after 82 years, she was diagnosed with it too. That really sucks - she thought that she had dodged that bullet. So now I am more focused on getting healthy.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Okay, I have said it before, but I am saying it again. I LOVE Nutrisystem. I have never been on a diet where I can eat chocolate caramel nutty candy bars. It is actually a requirement that you have that dessert!!.
So, some of the meals were not the best tasting :( - I have found the ones I love and just order those. I love the meat patty because I can chop them up and make tacos! They have this cheesy potato thing for lunch that is yummy and yesterday I had a peach crepe with whipped cream for breakfast! The site has recipes that people have sent in to "tweek" the meals to make them tastier and I love it. Today I am having CranOrange French Toast. Did I say that I love this diet?

I am now down 10 pounds from the start of the diet and down six pounds from the start of the challenge at the Sisterhood. All this and I am still never hungry.....amazing.

If anyone reading this wants to try Nutrisystem, send me your email and I will have them send you an invitation with a $30.00 discount.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

New Blog Name

I have changed my blog name. I wanted something different and after going to see Gabriel Iglesias perform at the casino next door, I thought of this new one. He says he is not fat - he is 'fluffy', since I have gotten to hate the word 'diet' - I am not dieting anymore - I am 'de-fluffing' myself.

By the way, if you get a chance to go see Gabriel - he is sooo funny!!! What a great way to spend an evening - just laughing for two or three feels great!
Wednesday was weigh in day for the Holiday Hoedown Challenge at the Sisterhood so we are officially off and running - or walking for me.

Went to the new Harry Potter movie - it was good,,,dark, but good. I almost gave in to Taco Bell because I stopped and got it for dinner for everyone else. The smell was driving me nuts, but I was good. I just thought about my team - Go Team Mamajama - and decided to stay on track. I need to do this this time so no backsliding for me.

I am now stating that I officially love Nutrisystem. The food is better than I thought it would be and I am sooo happy. Some of it is not so good, but I sent back what I didn't want and they sent me replacements of what I thought I would like. Well, let me just say that meatloaf and mashed potatoes and gravy, beef teriyaki and noodles, spinach ravioli, and burgers are just fine with me. Any diet where I can eat this much food, plus candy bars like chocolate caramel or even chocolate cake is amazing. Now, all I need to do is get of the proverbial butt and start moving.

Go Team Mamajama!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

I started Nutrisystem just in time for a new challenge at the Sisterhood. We are starting a new challenge on the 17th and that is my weigh-in day so it fits right in on my schedule. I am starting the challenge at 166 and counting down. This time we get to be on teams and that is what I like best so I have someone depending on me to stay on track and do good. When I am on my own, it is easy to just say "oh well, I will just re-start tomorrow", on a team I have more motivation not to let them down. I am on Team Mamajama!! I love that name.

So get ready Sisters because Team Mamajama is going to kick some serious booty!!