Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Here we go with another challenge at the Sisterhood. I am still on Nutrisystem and as much as I love it - 14 pounds gone so far - I am getting tired of just having Nutrisystem food. So I looked around and found that the South Beach diet is based on the Low Glycemic thing too so I will be switching to that after I finish off the NS food. (I have a couple of weeks worth left)

The South Beach is another low carb thing, but they do mostly good versus bad carbs so I hope I do okay with it. The first two weeks is almost no carbs at all so we shall see how my energy level handles that. I tried Atkins a while back and I was so tired all the time and I found out that it was because I wasn't getting any carbs. After the first two weeks, you can eat good carbs and that is what I am doing now with NS.

I did really well on the last challenge and although I gained 2 pounds at Christmas, I am back on track and going strong.

I am determined not to get Diabetes. It is such a horrible disease and has run wild throughout most of my family that I know I have to be careful in how I eat. I was glad that it looked like I was taking after Mom, but after 82 years, she was diagnosed with it too. That really sucks - she thought that she had dodged that bullet. So now I am more focused on getting healthy.


  1. i hope you have a smooth transition from NS to SBD. I know that Lissa is doing it, so I'm sure she could help you out if you get stuck and have questions.

  2. Congrats on 14 lbs lost!! That is awesome! I hope the transition from NS to SBD goes well for you!

  3. YAY 14lbs that is awesome! And good luck with SBD I have been thinking about doing it.

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