Thursday, June 10, 2010

Boy, Its been a long time since I was here. Last time was in January and when I read that last post, I got all worked up again. I have re-committed to this fitness quest so many times now that I have lost count. I can tell myself that most of us do that but it still sucks and I don't want to be that person anymore. I say that as I sit here eating Milky Way Mini's. Ha! But they are so small - they can't be bad! Double Ha!!.

There is an upside here. I didn't gain back the five pounds I lost. I actually have maintained since then, but maintaining a weight of 170 is not a good thing. So, I am on my way again and have lost 2 pounds since the start of the new challenge at the Sisterhood so I am now at 168. I vow to bump it up and make it 2 pounds a week instead of 1 and then maybe it won't take me a year to lose 40 pounds.

I have been trying to get Mom to the doctor for a year now because she has all the signs of diabetes. I finally got her to go and her sugar level was 350. OMG!!! I knew it was bad, but not that bad. It scared her....hell, it scared me too. At least now she can start dealing with it and she will feel so much better when she gets it under control. Now I am thinking that I better quit the sweets because I will probably end up there too. Everyone in Mom's family has it - she was the only one without it until now. At 83 she gets unfair is that. One of my brothers has it now so I may be next unless I prevent it by watching my diet. So, I am done with the Milky Way Mini's and all that other sweet stuff. I know that its okay to have a treat once in a while, but on a daily basis is something that I just cannot afford to do.

Here I go again.

New Challenge:
Starting weight - 170
Current weight - 168