Sunday, November 1, 2009

It took me forever to change the button to the new Shrink-aversary. I hope for the next one that I can remember how its done. That is a thing that comes and goes as we get older - forgetting. Most of my life I have forgotten things that I think I should have remembered, but as I get older, I forget alot more. It does come to me later but I wish it was sooner.
I forgot to weigh on Wednesday, but the new challenge starts today so I weighed in at 170. That is a few pounds up from two weeks ago, but my scale is wacky. I did over eat last week because I am in a funk.

I have a new problem physically. I have had meralgia paresthetica for almost fifteen years now. To put it simply, it's a compressed femoral nerve in my right hip. It usually comes and goes and most of the time I can cope, but now its getting really bad. My right leg is going numb all the way down to my knees and sometimes lower and the burning pain is quite bad. I have been put on nerve pain meds (goodnight, Margie) and have been told that bedrest is best, but we all know that is impossible. I am taking it as easy as I can, but I have to work. That is another is now coming on when I just stand. After standing for ten minutes, the numbness and burning come on and it is really uncomfortable working - after all, I stand all day.
The doctor seems to think that it could have been the running that made it worse because of the pounding pressure on the hip. The weight doesn't help and that is one of the reasons I need to lose it, but I was heavier before without it getting this bad. Anyway, I am off running and resistance workouts and for right now, I can't even walk.

I guess I will just stick to eating less and that sucks because that is the hardest part of losing weight. But, I am determined to do this. My son had to do an essay for Health class about eating healthy and just the way he worded it made me think that it isn't as hard as I am making it out to be. I just want my cake and cookies and candy and cheeseburgers and milkshakes without paying the price. I will take a lesson from my son and eat healthier. Its a choice, after all, and I can't condemn my ex for not quitting drugs and booze when I can't control what I put in my mouth either. How sad is that?

My son also did another essay about "home" that had me in tears. He has developed an incredible gift of writing. I am sooo proud. I couldn't post it here so here is a link for you to read it at another blog:

Have a Blessed Day.