Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My new attitude is coming on just in time for the new challenge at the Sisterhood which starts next week. That's a good thing because I sucked on the last challenge and after reading my last post again I can see how sad it sounds. I guess I was having one of those "bloated" days and feeling really disgusted with the girth around the waist, hips and wherever else. I feel better now. My weight hasn't changed since Monday so I am at 167 for this weeks weigh-in.
I didn't lose anything for the challenge, but I will donate some cans of food to the food bank anyway, just 'cause.

For anyone wanting something natural that will help fight off any flu germs coming your way, Dr. Weil says to use 'astragalus'. I found some at Puritan's Pride and ordered it and found out that is also has a great side effect - its a natural appetite suppressant. WooHoo - just in time to help out on my 'Fitness Quest'.


  1. good for you donating any way!! :)

  2. That's awesome that you're still going to donate! THANKYOU!!!!

    I'm so glad you're finding a new attitude. You CAN do this, I promise. It's hard, and we all stumble, but we have to get back and keep moving forward. All of us at the Sisterhood are here for you, Margie!!!

  3. ooh good news! yes, we all have been in the holding pattern before at some point, but the good news is, we're here for you! just keep your head up and keep on going!