Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I know - its been a while since I was here. Its only because I was bummed out about my fitness quest going haywire. I get into a funk and I eat....and I eat all the chocolate I can get my hands on. (Bad Margie) Since the last post, I have been to a neurologist and she says that although I do have the meralgia in my hip, this new pain is a new thing. She thinks I have pinched a nerve in the L3 or L4 section of the spine. I know - ouch. I am still benched from exercise until we can get this fixed. I need to get an MRI to see exactly what it is - it may not be what she thinks, but she is pretty sure. Anyway, I am still determined to get the weight off and so I am going to really cut back on what I eat. Since I can't exercise I have to really cut back. I have decided to go back to Herbalife. I did this about ten years ago and lost 35 pounds and kept it off until I was given depo provera and then I slowly gained it all back plus a few straggler pounds that just had to deposit themselves on my ass, boobs and choice other places. I am choosing Herbalife again since it worked so well for me before and because its really easy and full of good supplements (vitamins, minerals and herbs) and yummy, good for you, smoothies.

I am hoping that when I get the weight off, the pain will go with it. Without surgery, because I won't let that happen, and without all the drugs. I am on some now because I have to but hope to stop when the weightloss eases the pressure on my hip and back.

So here we go again. A new Year, a new Resolution and a new challenge at The Sisterhood....check out the new button and link to a great site. I am weighing in at an all time high - 175 (boohoo) - and I will post my losses because they will be alot and often (yay).